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sizzler Joe

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Bay city, MI.north of the motor city, MI, us
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Author of thee Original Hotwheels Sizzlers collectors guide June 1 1995". Copyright.gov registry Number: TXu 703 833 July 28, 1995.. check out my sizzler website:   sizzlers.dezigndog.comHave lots of sizzler cars and items for sale, all is going.. getting into old stand up arcade games from 70's 80's. looking for certain games I played that's now been forgotten in a shed,barn, storage unit, old trackter trailer, etc.. I also callect old HO scale slot cars, let me know if you have some for sale.. Also collect vintage nasa videos and moon landing related memorabilia. Yes we did land on the moon, just wait til we and other countries return there and nasa's property is still there ! What are the non believers going to say then ? Homeowner, drive an 02' F150 pick-up.  Moody Blues fan since the 70's... Yes music too !
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I still dab in hotwheels only a little now since I am selling collection...
I have several kinds of rare sets, accessories, foreign, etc.. Several boxed and many loose cars as well;  much still available as of  7-27-2011

I dabble alot in ho slotccars-want to keep it but would sell whole collection to someone serious. 
Selling yours ?  Send me a PM if you want me to see what you have,
been actually collecting them since the mid 80's--before collecting sizzlers as of 1990.

Also collect vintage nasa videos and looking for certain 70's and 80's stand up arcade games.  Have two tigers, Gyruss an time pilot.

My Occupation

I like my job hardwood floors. sanding- refinishing, installs, exotic woods.
Professional for over 25 yrs.
single, healthy and still looking.

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